ZANLURE 3/4'' Fishing Net Throw Cast Net Fishing Live Bait Net Fishing Tools

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Material Nylon monofilament, stainless steel swivel, iron nickel plating sinker
Diameter 3.6m / 12ft
Mesh 2cm / 3/4"
Wire diameter 0.28mm
Color White

Electro-galvanised chain bottom.
Nylon monofilament fishing net with sinkers, strong and easy to use.
Forget about drawstring tangles: using this net will be much faster and easier than ever!
Better spread due to uniform weight distribution - easier to cast
The continuous weight line has a better seal on the bottom and allows the net to sink evenly
Double selvage (reinforced mesh) along the leadline for extra strength and durability.
Advanced assembly technique and high level of quality control leave little room for defects.
Retaining the original fishing nets of the net pocket, you can cope with larger fish, mesh control can prevent small fish escape.
There is a large throwing area, very suitable for fish ponds and field use.
An essential fishing equipment for fishermen, help you get more fish.

Package Included:
1 x Fishing Net

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