puzzle-500 tablets

puzzle-500 tablets

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As an international toy brand, ARFAMO has been committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative and original puzzle creations for more than 10 years.

Our puzzles are beautifully designed with random die-cutting, bringing a truly fun and challenging experience.

The authorized artwork is developed and selected by the experienced ARFAMO team to focus on interest, bright colors and enjoyable themes.

ARFAMO puzzles are both fun and educational, providing hours of joy and excitement for the whole family.

Random modular slicing is designed for all Bits and Pieces puzzles, so there are no two puzzles that are the same. This makes our puzzle a unique and interesting experience.

Our puzzles are made of thick cardboard backing. This makes the puzzle pieces strong and prevents bending when assembling the puzzle. It also ensures a close fit between each piece.

We offer a variety of puzzle formats and sizes, from 100 to 2000 pieces, for all ages and skill levels. The colors are rich and challenging, which can better exercise the thinking ability and sense of logic.

Finished puzzle size: 27.55 inches x 19.75 inches. 99% of customers would recommend our puzzle to friends or family.

After finishing, you can buy a frame and hang it to decorate the living room, bedroom and other places. Do it yourself, this decoration is meaningful and very beautiful。

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